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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Start with registering for a free account, which will give you access to your validator dashboard. You’ll need to have a Helium wallet and at least 100 HNT in order to partial stake, and 10,000 HNT for a full stake. That’s it!

What is the difference between Partial Staking and Full Staking?

Partial staking allows multiple people who don’t have the full 10,000 HNT to go in together on a validator. The expenses and the earnings for partial stakers are proportional to amount staked. We do not offer pooling beyond the scope of a single validator, so earnings are specific to validators you have an ownership stake in. Full stakers will earn 100% of their Validator’s earnings (minus fees).

What are the fees? Why?

(1) Server Fee - this is a flat fee charged daily per node to cover the cost of running the server and monitoring. In case of pooled staking, this fee is split proportionally amongst all owners of the node. (2) Service Fee - MULTIPOOL charges a % fee on all earnings to support the growth of this platform.

Do we offer early unstaking?

We do not currently support early unstaking. Let us know if this is a feature you’d like MULTIPOOL to support!

What pools are supported?

Currently MULTIPOOL supports Helium Full Staking (10,000 HNT), Partial Staking (at least 100 HNT), Health Metrics, Earnings Metrics, and Instant Payouts (minus Fees). We are rolling out support for LINK, SOL, ADA, and more in the near future - let us know what else you would like MULTIPOOL to support!

Why should I stake a Node through MULTIPOOL?

MULTIPOOL offers ease, flexibility, and transparency. We are so excited about the potential of blockchain, defi and in particular our launch project Helium, the people’s network - but we know we are still in the early days of this technology so we are dedicated to identifying and solving some of the biggest barriers to entry. Partial staking (Pooling) makes it easier for anyone to get involved, our dashboards make sure you always know what’s going on, and the MULTIPOOL team’s deep, technical knowledge of the space is ready to grow as the Helium network does. We’re in it for the long haul, and hope you’ll join us.

When do I get paid?

Nearly instantly! There are no artificial delays in awarding your validator earnings. As soon as we process a reward transaction (every 3 minutes) we’ll send your payout immediately (minus fees).

What happens once I deposit funds?

MULTIPOOL is constantly scanning, watching for incoming transactions. When we see funds sent to a depoist wallet - we record and process that transaction. If the deposit fulfills a pledged Validator - we consolidate all of the depoist funds to a single staking wallet. Once all the funds have been moved to the staking wallet - we will stake a new validator against that wallet. From there, we launch a copy of the Helium Validator software on that wallet's behalf. Through the same scanning mechanism from before, MULTIPOOL will see any rewards sent to to the staking wallet. The rewards will then be sent proportionally back to the owners of the Validator - minus our fees. Fees are split proportionally among owners.


1. Deposit HNT Full Staking is available to individuals at 10,000 HNT for an entire Node. Alternatively, Pooled staking is available at a minimum of 100 HNT for a shared Node. 2. Launch Node Once deposits are validated on the chain, MULTIPOOL automatically creates a Node instance on the cloud. 3. Mine HNT The Node mines HNT by doing consensus work. 4. Recieve Earnings Full Staking earns 100% of the rewards (minus fees) and Pooled Staking earns an amount proportional to their stake (minus fees). 5. Unstake Node A Node will be unstaked when more than 50% of the HNT provided by members have requested to unstake. (example: 10 members each contibute 1,000 HNT to a validator (10,000 HNT Total). If 6 of those members request an "unstake", which would be equal 6,000/10,000 HNT staked (60%), then the validator will be unstaked.) From that point all members have to wait ~5 Months (250,000 blocks) to have their individual stake amounts returned. The 5 month period is not set by us and is required by the Helium Organization.


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